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The Tanto International School is an English speaking international school which uses the English National Curriculum. The school was founded in 1983 and is a well-established international school with a reputation for excellence.


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The Tanto International School is a small, independent school that aims to fulfil both the educational and social needs of every individual. We offer a high quality education taught in English. The school supports the international community by providing the best possible opportunities for families moving to Stockholm as well as those more permanent children who require an international education. Following the English National Curriculum, tailored to our international community, the teachers are able to ensure excellent academic standards for each individual in a truly stimulating environment.

The dedicated staff and our small class sizes provide an educational environment where children feel special every day. The school ethos is one that is born out of respect and ‘Three C’s‘ (Care, Co-operation and Courtesy). We combine modern resources, technology and child focused teaching with traditional social and moral values. In this calm and respectful atmosphere, our students learn to become socially confident leaders with wonderful manners and a passion for learning.

Established in 1983, our Tanto atmosphere and welcoming approach to parents and families has enabled us to support new parents through the transitional period so they feel confident about their child's life and opportunities in Stockholm. Everyone should love coming to school and hate to miss it. That is true of the children at The Tanto International School.

The Tanto International School begins with Year 1 (förskoleklass) and ends with Year 7 (Grade 6). During the calendar year that your child turns six years old, they are eligable to begin Year 1 at the start of the school year in August. This is in line with compulsory schooling regulations set out in Swedish Education Law.


The Tanto International School has a small pre-school called The English Nursery (ages 1-5). In order to apply for a nursery place, guardians must apply via a central website.

Grundskola (Compulsory school)

If you are registered and have an ”e-legitimation” – ”electronic certificate” you can go to this web address to place your child on the waiting list for The English Nursery.

Förskola och fritidshem

If you have any problems or questions call this (multilingual) service on
+46(0)8-508 00 508.

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