Internationella Engelska Skolan Årsta, 4-9

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Detta är en av drygt 250 kommunala och fristående grundskolor i Stockholms stad som du kan ansöka till. Målet för alla skolor är en god utbildning i en trygg miljö.


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International English School Årsta is a school for grades 4-9 with approximately 720 students and a staff body of about 75 members. The school is situated very close to Stockholm city center, 5 minutes from Gullmarsplan metro station.

Om ikoner för tillgänglighet

Ms Barbara Bergström, a science teacher from the USA, founded Internationella Engelska Skolan in 1993. She saw the need to improve education in Sweden, and set out three major convictions which have defined life in our schools ever since:

  1. A safe and orderly school environment where teachers can teach and students learn: Order, structure and safety are necessary prerequisites for learning and signal respect for the value of education. We are strict in norms of behaviour, but also care for our students in our efforts to prepare them for success as adults. We call this “Tough Love”.
  2. Command of English: English is the “key to the world” and children should learn to command both the Swedish and the English language at an early age. We believe fluency is best achieved through language immersion. Half our lessons are taught in English, by native English-speaking teachers.
  3. High academic expectations and aspirations: Our conviction is that every child can achieve success irrespective of social back­ground. This ambition means we support every student to realise his or her own potential. We are dedicated to supporting students of all backgrounds to become responsible citizens and acquire the confidence and ambition to do the most with their talents.

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